Can We Stop Thinking?

Sometimes in our life, when we are facing difficulties, we might consult with someone. He might say to us, “Hey, You think too much. Stop thinking about that” or someone might just say, “Do not bother about it, just stop thinking too much. Relax your mind.” I should ask you now, when you are in a relax state, do you think or not? So, can you ever stop thinking?

My friend, I think thinking is a continuous process. You only stop thinking when you are not eligible anymore to think…which is when you die. Even, when you say that you are not thinking about anything, you should have thought to say those words. Even when you feel that you are thinking about nothing, ‘nothing’ is what you are thinking about.

Do you think the way that I am thinking right now? It might never come to your mind or maybe you have the same view with mine.What I am trying to convey here is simple:

“Do not stop thinking but think it in the right way.”

From my view, it is not the issue whether we think or not, but rather it is about our level of thinking. Yeah, I mean whether we think about it seriously or it may come to our mind just like that and we ignore it, I mean any issues. It is never a fault to think about many things but it should come into your judgment on what actually are you thinking about. Thus:

“Think about what are you thinking right now”

Our mind is very powerful in making us the best or the worst. Does it make sense? Yes it do for me. When we utilize our mind to think too much about bad things and trying to implement them, then we say that we are putting ourselves in a dangerous situation. But we can boost ourselves to the best when our mind is being utilized in the best way.

Again I would like to throw my question about this:

“Can we stop thinking?”


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