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To Take Something, Give Something

Some says, don’t expect too much when you give too little and don’t expect anything if you give nothing. Yet, we tend too expect a lot but what do we give? a simple question which could lead to the realization of our behaviour. That is the thing that I would like to share, “to take something, give something”. This phrase might not be true in all conditions. But it does in most conditions. to take something from a shop, you have to give money. That is the simplest and most practical example. Don’t expect others to give their love to you when you never give your love to them. You study very little and yet you expect to be success with full mark…does it make sense? you answer it by yourself. From my view, we have to ask ourselves about what we have contribute to others rather than counting on what contributions have others gave to us. But then, when everybody is thinking to contribute something, everyone will have benefits from the contribution. isn’t that awesome? wow! how nice if we