Attitude on Committing Mistakes

When you made a mistake, why blame others? yet when others made mistakes, you tend to blame them also and never correct them.

You are trying to say that you will never make mistake when you deny your fault. And if you realize, it happened every time or maybe most of the time. But then, when everyone blaming each other, who are the one to correct the mistakes then?

Yet, some people like to correct others’ mistakes very well. But when it comes to himself, he just cannot accept that he committed a mistake. So, who will change it then? If everyone just busy in correcting others, blaming each other, when a mistake will be corrected? and who will change it?

Believe it or not, ask yourself. Even me sometimes react such a way denying my fault, but the issue here is, think twice, react in a way that we should be and never point to the wrong person to be blamed.

So now, screen yourself. change what you have to change in yourself and reflect your attitude to others. Then, you will find that even you do not speak the truth and correcting others, the truth will speak by itself…because whatever you say, finally people will see what you do.

So, for something to change, we must change first and in parallel, try to change others if they make mistake. never forget about yourself and never reject when others try to correct us.

The most difficult think to do when you made a mistake is to admit that you had done it.

remember..”you will not live long enough to commit all mistakes, so learn from others’ mistakes as well”.


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